Discover the ways you can use Roland DG technology

Awards, Trophies and Medals
Roland DG offers a complete line up of versatile machines for the professional personalisation of trophies, awards and gifts. 
Packaging and Label Solutions
Discover a wide range of powerful digital solutions that can help make your packaging and proofing business more flexible, both now and in the future.
Awards Printing and Engraving
Personalise a wide range of trophies, gift items, name tags, badges, jewellery, key rings and more.
For colourful banners that stand the test of time, Roland DG offers the industry's best-selling line of wide-format digital printers.
Printing Ceramic Tiles

Roland supplies advanced ceramic tile printing machine technology that allows users to print onto decorative tiles, stone tiles, rocks and glass tiles.

The production of tactile signs, for example with Braille text, is a growing market and one that sign and graphics businesses are perfectly placed to enter.
Commercial Printing
From signage to vehicle wraps and other durable graphics, or colour matched proofs and package prototypes, Roland DG technology can be the basis for a profitable commercial print business.
Dental CAD/CAM
The compact DWX series of dental CNC milling machines delivers advanced features and exceptional performance.
Graphic Design
Roland provides the tools to turn your ideas into reality.
Industrial Marking

Imprint hard surfaces like gold, silver, copper, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, titanium, acrylic and more.

Label Printing
Roland DG's integrated printing and cutting technology is revolutionising the label, decal, and packaging industries.
Customise medical instruments and tools with unique device identification (UDI) numbers quickly and easily.
Metallic Ink Applications
Print striking text, graphics and special effects in an entire spectrum of metallic hues and over 500 pearlescent colours.
Personalisation machines
Personalised gift printing machines let you print directly onto items creating unique gifts and accessories.
Photo Impact Printing
Now you can add value to a wide range of jewelry and gifts by personalising them with text, artwork and photos.
Printing on Glass
Roland's VersaUV series of UV printers gives you flexible glass printing options letting you print onto glass items like bottles, trophies, gifts and packaging and add 3D textured effects with clear UV ink.
Printing on Golf Balls
Printing custom designs directly to golf balls are perfect for gifts or promotional products. These direct printing solutions also let you print on golf related products like golf tees, trophies, notebooks and lots more. 
Printing on Glass Printing on Mugs
Mugs are one of those everyday products that can easily become a cherished item if it has the right message or graphics on it.
Printing on wood
Our range of UV printers let you print directly onto wooden items, like wine boxes or picture frames. You can even print onto large wooden items like doors or table tops.
Rapid Prototyping
Roland’s Subtractive Rapid Prototyping (SRP) milling machines offer several advantages over traditional 3D printing.
Shrink Wrap
Shrink wrap packaging has grown over the past few years. Shrink labels can be applied to a product in a variety of eye-catching ways.
Roland has been leading the way in the sign industry for more than 30 years.
STEM Education Solutions
Prepare students for careers in sign making, graphic design, CAD/CAM, manufacturing and package design. 
Stickers and Labels
Create die-cut stickers in all manner of shapes and sizes. Also add laminate, clear ink, metallic and other unique effects for seriously stylish stickers and labels.
Custom Apparel
Roland R-Wear solutions allow you to customise apparel in minutes, adding value to your product line.
Vehicle Graphics
Roland DG’s state-of-the-art inkjet printers, printer/cutters and vinyl cutters give sign shops a simple way to add another profitable application to their business.
Window Tinting
Everywhere there’s a window, or painted surface needing protection, there’s a profit opportunity waiting.