Printing on Glass

A machine for printing on glass can help you expand your product line and increase your profits.

Roland's VersaUV series of UV printers gives you flexible glass printing options letting you print onto glass items like bottles, trophies, gifts and packaging and add 3D textured effects with clear UV ink.

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Glass printers

Printing on glass is easier than ever with a Roland LED UV printer. Print directly onto glass bottles and jars, mirrors and window panes, wine glasses and screens, on a single innovative printing machine.

Robust but gentle on fragile materials, the Roland VersaUV range of UV printers can add graphics and textures to glass along with many more substrates including clear acrylics and flexible plastics. 

Printing on glass packaging

The packaging industry is an exciting place to be at the moment. Wine and beer bottles, food jars, perfume bottles and more all have to look their best to attract shoppers. 

With Roland VersaUV flatbed printers fitted with a RotaPrint attachment, printing directly onto glass cylinders is easy and effective for short runs. Imagine mock-ups for packaging agencies or high-end gift personalisation – even with textures from the VersaUV's clear gloss ink option.


"Clients in the cosmetic sector are very demanding. They perform tests and quality checks on quality, toughness and reliability. The Roland VersaUV LEF helps us meet those demands."

Jordi Soler, Managing Director, QPrint Osona

Printing on glass décor and displays

Vibrant colours on a clear glass substrate can look very chic – perfect for hotels, office spaces, restaurants and home interiors. Use our larger VersaUV flatbed printers to add company branding, art and graphics to glass doors, window panes and a huge array of decorative items. 

Printing glass trophies and awards

Celebrate achievements big and small by printing custom glass awards, trophies and medals. 

With a range of colour, white and clear UV inks, you can achieve a multitude of attractive effects and create something that's worth competing for using a Roland VersaUV printer. 


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Roland UV print technology is perfect for printing directly onto glass, plexiglass and many more substrates. Whether you want to customise gifts, interior décor, packaging, awards or any other glass item there's a VersaUV for you. Complete the short form below and one of our creative consultants can help match your requirements to the ideal solution. 


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