Printing on Mugs

Profit from printing on cups and mugs

Do you have a favourite mug? Coffee mugs and teacups might be small, but they're things we use throughout the day, meaning they have big potential for businesses. Decorated with promotional slogans, gorgeous pattern designs or personal messages, mugs can have substantial value – and it's easy to get started with Roland Texart dye-sublimation printers.

Choose dye-sublimation for durable printed mugs

Mugs need to be able to withstand dishwashers and microwaves, so printed graphics must be durable. Roland Texart printers use special dye-sublimation inks that penetrate the surface of ceramics, heat-transferred via a heat press machine. This creates graphics that last, perfect for gifts with personal designs.

Buy mug blanks to unleash your creativity

It's easy to find poly-coated blank coffee mugs, teacups and travel cups at affordable wholesale prices. Start with a blank and see where your creativity takes you, or print unique designs ordered by your customers. The potential profits on personalised products are considerable.

Download a FREE copy of our popular dye-sublimation guide and see what fun products you can create.

Equipment you need for printing onto mugs

In order to set yourself up for success in dye-sublimation you'll need a number of tools and pieces of equipment to get started. Download our free helpful infographic to keep for reference. 

Establish your own brand with mug printing

Roland Texart printing technology could help you to establish your own brand with decorated mugs. Use dye-sublimation and heat transfer devices to add your own designs to ceramics on-demand or get ahead of the crowd with seasonal gift products.

Print eye-catching mugs with fluorescent inks

You can really make a creative impact with Roland Texart's long-lasting inks. There is an enormous range of brilliant colours to play with, including fluorescent ink options: choose from 375 pre-defined colours in bright neon colours and even soft pastel shades.

Lots of opportunities to print custom mugs

Names, personal messages, graphics, photographs, patterns, company logos – there are lots of opportunities to print custom mugs using Roland Texart dye-sublimation printers. For both commercial clients and individual customers looking for gifts or homeware, this is a lucrative market.

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