#WithRoland It's Made With Heart And Soul

The Japanese term of Monozukuri is described by Professor Takahiro Fujimoto of the Manufacturing Management Research Center at the University of Tokyo as the “art, science and craft of making things.”

The philosophy not only covers the streamlined manufacturing processes of research & development, procurement and production, it goes deeper; Monozokuri reinforces the craftsmanship involved in highly skilled engineers creating complex high-tech machinery – reinstating what is considered by some as a manual function, back to its rightful place as an art form in its own right.

Roland DG has long held Monozokuri at the heart of its manufacturing process and built on this philosophy 35 years to create “D-Cell Production” – the ultimate expression of care, attention and skill in the production of Roland DG technology.

What is D-Cell Production?

To ensure absolute control over the quality of our products, D-Cell Production has been developed as a method of manufacturing that ensures high quality, high standard, reliable results every time.

How does it work?

D-Cell production is a miniature production system that sees a small team of engineers working on one machine, from the first component through to completion. Following a bespoke computer system and guided by 3D CGI; engineers and technology work hand in hand as semi-automated systems provide each part as it is required. Each D-Cell team produces every product to exact specifications, ensuring perfect results each time.

It really is an artform.

The Result?

This combination of technology and skill ensures the devices leaving the factory gates have been made with the upmost care, attention and accuracy, driving Roland DG’s reputation of reliability amongst its loyal end-users.

#WithRoland it’s made with heart & soul