Slaps! Sticker art that packs a visual punch

Have you experienced slaps? They sound violent and they are: sticker art delivering a visual punch of vibrant colours, vivid characters and sharp shapes. They're the sticker's cool cousin. 

Drawing on design forms from graphic novels, anime, graffiti, tattoos, surfing culture and more, slaps are perfect for customising kit like skateboards, bicycles, gadgets, backpacks and more - simply choose an eye-popping design and slap it on. 

Roland's large format printers, vinyl cutters and integrated printer/cutters are perfect for creating slaps. This distinctive form of sticker art is as much about the shape as the design, with punchy colours and oddball characters helped to stand out by strong borders and clean edges. 

Delivering the ability to create both long and short runs of contour-cut slaps in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes means offering your customers customisation ideas beyond their own imaginations. And not just one or two: artists create whole series of designs similar to comic-book worlds as collectible sticker packs and sheets.

RolandDG_Slaps_Rebel_Reprints_sticker art
(From top-to-bottom) Hoffa (Sticker Pack), Hoffa (Ginormous Sticker Sheet), Jime Litwalk (Sticker Pack), Scott Irwin (Sticker Pack). Images courtesy of Rebel Reprints

The culture and technology of slaps gives artists free rein to develop their rel="noopener noreferrer" own creative ideas, like Rebel Reprints from Orlando, Florida which uses Roland TrueVIS VG printer/cutter technology to print original, wildly colourful slaps for its customers. However, Rebel Reprints also produces slaps for artist promotions and resale sticker packs - a potentially lucrative revenue stream. 

Roland DG_Slaps_Inkgenda_sticker art
(From top-to-bottom) Street Plant, Hard Luck, Tahoe Board Company, Dogtown Skates (DTS). Images courtesy of

Inkgenda from Costa Mesa, California also uses Roland kit to print slaps and stickers for cool brands in the skate, surf and action sports worlds like Etnies, Volcom, Von Zipper and Roark Revival, while Stickerfied in Burgaw, North Carolina splits its output between sticker orders for commercial designer customers and creating original sticker art for its own fanbase. 

RolandDG_Slaps_Stickerfied_sticker art
(From top-to-bottom) The Pirate Ghost, Agent Eye 13, Stickerfied's April fool prank sticker, The Tijuana Trashsquatches, rel="noopener noreferrer" Austin Blue rel="noopener noreferrer" Art. Images courtesy of Stickerfied

Digital printing technology means slaps are low-cost to make, and they are light and portable - which is why they're great as promotional hand-outs at events. As fun, edgy alternatives to leaflets, display businesses can use them to promote their own talents as both artists and print specialists to a wider market. 

Slaps and stickers are an exciting, affordable way for customers to buy into a cool brand, company or culture by customising their gear with graphics you won't see in the mainstream. The ability to print and cut slaps with vivid illustrations, often with a sharp sense of humour or a story attached, is helping printers to forge valuable partnerships with hip businesses and to grow into hot brands in their own right. 

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