JIGS – what they are and how to make them for Roland VersaUV LEF flatbed printers

Roland VersaUV LEF flatbed printers are perfect for personalising items. You can give the customisation treatment to any object of up to 100mm in height and on practically any material – you can let your imagination run wild and see your profits soar.

When using a Roland benchtop VersaUV LEF flatbed printer you might find using a jig makes it easier to print onto irregular shapes and products. Jigs are also handy for speeding up production set-up and for edge-to-edge printing with a bleed on the items. Essentially, a jig is a template to help you locate items on the bed of your printer, assisting with repeatability and accuracy.

Jigs are handy for speeding up production set-up and for edge-to-edge printing

Creating a jig can be very simple – try using bottle tops or an empty egg carton while printing spherical items, or just using Blu Tack to secure unstable items in place – or more complicated. Making a base plate with pods for items of different sizes so they all sit at the same height can save time in the long run, for instance, while investing in a rotary unit makes printing cylindrical items a breeze.

Our latest video takes you through the options for creating a jig. When to use one, how your specific requirements will dictate what tools you use to make one and the steps for using your software are all covered in this easy-to-follow film.


The VersaUV LEF range is designed to inspire. With three models in the benchtop VersaUV flatbed printer range; LEF-12i, LEF-200 and our best-seller the LEF-300, these devices are perfect for individuals and businesses wishing to make money from personalising gifts, stationery, electronic devices, industrial components, trophies and awards, gadgets, musical instruments, sporting items, fashion accessories and so much more.

With direct printing capabilities onto a huge variety of items and materials you can add both bold colour with ECO-UV inks in CMYK and white, and print layers of gloss for unique textural effects.

Using a jig makes it easier to print onto irregular shapes and products

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