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And the winner is... Personalised trophies, awards and gifts with Roland

Trophies and awards are the original personalised item. As recognition for success or achievement, these objects are designed to be unique for each recipient, to be put proudly on display and to last a lifetime.

The awards market is therefore a lucrative one for display producers, and easy to access thanks to Roland's wide range of compatible technologies. Choose from engravers, impact printers, dye sublimation printers and direct-to-surface UV printers to find the right system for your business.

Create a message to last a lifetime with an engraving machine

Roland engraving machines are incredibly versatile in terms of materials, able to engrave onto metals, acrylics, woods, laminates and more. This allows you to add unique messages and designs to popular items like trophies, medals, badges and plaques, each created to last forever.

The Roland EGX series of rotary engravers ranges from cost-effective desktop models that are perfect for a small workshop, all the way up to professional high-speed engravers for busy production environments. All deliver precise results onto a variety of materials enabling you to get creative.

Create eye-catching trophies and awards with Roland printers and engravers

Discover how UV technology can expand your ideas

UV printing technology is compatible with an almost unlimited array of materials, including those typically used for awards and trophies. On a Roland VersaUV LEF printer, you can print designs in CMYK, white and clear gloss – enabling colour-accurate branding – directly to substrates and objects up to 200mm thick, even building up layers of gloss to create genuine textures. Combine engraving with UV printing to craft awards and trophies with a spectacular and unique visual appeal – and high market value.

Request a free copy of our popular UV print guide to discover more about the opportunities with UV printing for awards, trophies, medals, commemorative gifts and hundreds more ideas.

Combine engraving with UV printing to craft awards and trophies with incredible visual appeal

Sport Award Trophies, based in Victoria, Australia is a convert to Roland UV printing from sublimation. The trophy specialist's VersaUV LEF-12 can print white directly onto glass, acrylic, plastic and more, adding an exciting new dimension to work.

Sport Awards Trophies use their VersaUV LEF-12i for UV printing onto a huge array of trophies, medals and awards

Access the giftware market with versatile technology

As well as engraving awards and plaques, Roland EGX engravers are perfectly suited to personalising gifts. Alternatively, choose the METAZA MPX-95 photo impact printer – an affordable and easy-to-use system ideal for adding customisation, text, pictures and accurate photographic details to a variety of metal gift items. Add unique details – and high value – to sports equipment, business card holders, beer tankards, jewellery and many more gifts.


Expand your portfolio with commemorative items and gifts

Offer the personal service to your customers

Roland engravers, impact printers and UV printers can help you offer a truly personal service to your customers. To find out more, get in touch  and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements. 



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