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Custom Products for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day for some is a chance to get a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers, but if you’re in the personalised gifts industry, it represents opportunities of a different sort. This is your chance to create something special that your competitors hadn’t even thought of and add a new product to your offering.

Here at Roland, we have a huge range of technology from wide-format printers to 3D milling machines and we’re always surprised to see what our users dream up. If you’re looking for a new product to boost your profits around Valentine’s Day, here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Cute Cushions

Digital textile printing is a hassle-free way to unlock a whole catalogue of new products. With a sublimation printer, you can print onto transfer paper and use a heat press to fix the image to the material. Alternatively, you could find a printer that lets you print directly to the fabric, but if you’re really lucky you might find one that can do both.

Valentines Day printed cushion cover

When it comes to a winning Valentine’s Day gift, you can’t really go wrong with baby animals!

Time for Love

Never be late for a date again! Pocket watch blanks are really affordable and with the right solution, you can add custom touches letting you sell them for a huge profit.

Valentines Day engraved pocket watch

This pocket watch was engraved using our metal engraving machine, the MPX-95, in no time at all.

Valentines Day personalised pocket watch

A little UV ink goes a long way. What was once a plain old pocket watch has become a unique timepiece.

Tech Gifts

UV printing is an ideal method for customising electronic items. Because the ink is cured with UV light, there’s no heat involved, which means that you can print directly onto all kinds of materials without worrying about damaging them.

Valentines Day printing on DAB radio

This DAB radio is one of a kind and just look at the way the colours just pop out!

Valentines Day printing on laptop

With a little bit of gloss ink, this laptop now has a cool water-droplet effect, giving it an extra flourish without the risk of water damage.

Valentines Day printing on charger

You can add a little extra juice to your devices with style using this UV printed charger.

Valentines Day printed leather tablet case

Here’s a leather tablet cover like no other, customised in minutes with UV ink.

Custom Chocolate

Valentines Day custom chocolate bar

With a 3D milling machine, you can create your own moulds for making custom chocolates. Or, why not cut out the moulding process altogether and mill your chocolate bars on the machine! Just make sure you don’t let those delicious shavings go to waste.

Kitchen Makeover

Our print and cut devices are used by a wide variety of businesses to create signage, banners, stickers, vehicle wraps and lots more. With a little imagination, you can use printed vinyl for all kinds of home décor applications, from wall-art to window stickers.

Valentines Day kitchen tile vinyl

Here’s an alternative to re-tiling your kitchen. You can print any pattern you like onto vinyl and cover those marble slabs that you’ve grown so bored of.


There was a time when the term ‘office supplies’ was synonymous with mind-numbing boredom. Thanks to customisation devices, you can create something unique and exciting for the stationery fan in your life.

Valentines Day customised stationery

Here, the same blanks have been customised with the same UV printing technology to create completely different products.

Valentines Day printing on notebooks

With these UV printed notepads, you can incite notebook envy in every meeting – then deliver the final blow with a classy business card holder.


Did you ever turn up to a party wearing the same outfit as another guest? Imagine the horror! People like their clothes to reflect their personality and say something about who they are. With personalisation devices, you can create your own style and never have to worry about running into your fashion doppelganger ever again!

Valentines Day uv printed button covers

Check out these designer button covers! With a little bit of ingenuity and the magic of UV printing, you can take an everyday shirt to the next level.

Valentines Day dye sublimation fashion

With dye-sublimation, the only thing standing in your way is the limit of your imagination. Don’t wait around for the next fashion trend – create your own!

Valentines Day printing directly to tshirt

Send a message loud and clear with a custom printed t-shirt. This one was created in a matter of minutes on our new direct-to-garment printer, the BT-12.

Etched with Love

There’s one thing everybody loves – making a profit. When it comes to personalised gifts, the MDX-95 is a magic box that turns simple metal blanks into high-value items.

Valentines Day engraving photo on keyring

Even on small items like metal key rings, you can imprint crisp, photo-quality images.

Valentines Day engraving personalised metal tin

Small metal tins can be used for anything from mints to spices to spare change. Since they’re so useful, there’s almost no end to the variety of messages and images you can print on them.

Valentines Day engraving dog tags

These personalised engraved dog tags are hard-wearing in the heat of battle, and fashionable in the peace of civilian life.

Whether you’re happily married or happily single, when you’re in the business of selling personalised gifts, Valentine’s Day should always be a profitable time of year. Hopefully you’ve seen some ideas to boost your portfolio this year.

If you’re looking for more ideas, or you want to know how to make your dreams a reality, just get in touch with our technical experts and they’d LOVE to help you!