How profitable is your new UV printer?
Roland DG makes it easy to predict

Roland VersaUV LEF ROI Calculator computer screen report


Every brand and manufacturer will say their product will make you money, but Roland DG's new ROI calculation tool delivers a real indication of how businesses could profit from their investment in a benchtop VersaUV LEF UV printer.

Already successfully trialed at the FESPA Global Print Expo in May 2019, the free online profit calculator is now available for anyone to use. By answering just a few simple questions, users can receive a custom calculation of their potential return on investment within seconds, providing an accurate prediction of how much money could be made each week with a VersaUV LEF. The calculator can be used multiple times, helping businesses explore the almost unlimited opportunities for growth through UV printing.

Roland's VersaUV LEF printers deliver incredible printing potential in a compact, affordable system. Available in three compact sizes, including the recently launched VersaUV LEF2-200, these powerful printers can print directly to a ground-breaking variety of products and materials – in vibrant full-colour CMYK, sharp whites, gloss highlights and even genuine textures.

Businesses across the world are creating some fantastic, unusual – and highly profitable – output by combining VersaUV with a wide array of materials. Fancy Phone Cases, for example, is a specialist in personalised phone covers, who made back an investment in the entry-level VersaUV LEF-12 in just two months – and picked up some famous fans. Owner Luis Santiago has since invested in the VersaUV LEF-300, the largest in the LEF range.


There are three printer sizes in the Roland VersaUV LEF product range


Similarly, Michelle Hartjes from Bespoke Packaging estimates her VersaUV LEF doubled her business's sales in just six months. Bespoke Packaging initially purchased the printer to create custom USBs, but soon discovered its ability to print dozens of other products, including bespoke paint tins and paint brushes, designs on bamboo and metal, and photographic work. Meanwhile, Pretty in Polka Dots, an expert in custom-printed wooden gifts and signs, increased its revenue by over 300% in just six months by capitalising on the LEF's ability to print directly onto wood, even with white ink.

For entrepreneurs, new start-ups and established graphics producers alike, the VersaUV LEF series can enable diversification, attracting a new customer base and giving access to new markets. The Roland ROI calculator gives an immediate idea of the all-important financial expectations of an investment, offering predictions of the healthy returns that can be made with benchtop UV printing.

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