Latest DGSHAPE innovations to offer more time savings for dental professionals



DGSHAPE Time Reduction Kits saves costs and time

A new duo of innovations from DGSHAPE are now available, helping existing DWX dental milling machine users make additional time and cost savings.

DGSHAPE, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Roland DG, works to ensure that all its new materials and applications are compatible with customers' existing technology and business models, without the requirement of purchasing new equipment. This adds value to DGSHAPE systems, enabling businesses to grow. To that end, the leading provider has released two new kits specifically for use with DGSHAPE DWX-52DCi, DWX-52DC and DWX-52D dry milling machines. 

The DGSHAPE CA-MK1 Time Reduction Kit for models has been developed to allow users to create U-shaped moulds using traditional plaster, that can then be milled efficiently in-house using DGSHAPE DWX dry milling machines. Compared to using a conventional milling disc, the CA-MK1 can deliver an 80% cost reduction and 50% milling time reduction* – making in-house model milling an even more affordable option.

DGSHAPE CA-MK1 Time Reduction Kit for models makes in-house model making even easier and affordable than before   

As Hisashi Bito, President of DGSHAPE, comments: "With the CA-MK1 we wanted to bring value to our DWX users in a way no one else has tried."

The second new release from DGSHAPE is the CA-DK1 Time Reduction Kit for cast denture bases, again designed to accelerate production with DGSHAPE DWX-52DCi, DWX-52DC and DWX-52D systems. It allows users to create dentures in-house in three simple steps: casting using conventional liquid resins, a curing period, then milling the cast using the 5-axis DGSHAPE DWX system to produce the highest quality milled denture bases. 

This combination of CA-DK1 Time Reduction Kit and DWX milling machine can help users achieve a reduction in milling times of up to 50% and material savings of up to 70%, compared to using a standard PMMA disc*.

DGSHAPE CA-DK1 Time Reduction Kit produces the highest quality milled denture bases

"Building on the success of the Time Reduction Kit for models, we developed this solution to give our DWX users an opportunity to expand into the rapidly growing market for digital dentures," explains Hisashi Bito. "Our customers can successfully create digital denture bases without any additional investment in hardware and minimise costs by using existing denture resin inventory."

Both CA-MK1 and CA-DK1 kits contain silicone moulds, jigs and a pre-roughing bur, as required for the processes. The new time-saving kits are available now, with more details available on the Roland DG DGSHAPE website and from local DGSHAPE teams around the world.

Visit our Time Reduction Kit page for more information or call 01275 335540 for details.


* further details available on request.