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We know that there are thousands of Roland users with amazing stories to share. Our search has already uncovered some fantastic ones.


Pete Astles Peak UK Read case study


Nicola Rubino Gemanco Design Read case study


Simon James Elite Signs & Graphics Ltd Read case study


Massimo Marchi and Letizia Mattei Max Model Read case study


Paula María Conejo Maisha Read case study



    Pete Astles - Peak UK, UK  

    "Our great friends and team members won gold, silver and bronze medals wearing that gear. Our custom kayaking gear is now a huge part of our business. It's our flagship identity that sets us apart from the rest of our industry."
  2. Nutmeg Studio Logo 

    Adele Mackinnon - Nutmeg Studio, UK

    "My husband and I invested some of our savings and wedding gift money to purchase a Roland vinyl cutter and an Apple Mac and began offering vinyl graphics to local businesses. After decorating my girls bedrooms with personalised wall stickers, friends and family saw these and encouraged me to sell them online, which I did initially via eBay. I began expanding my range of wall stickers and other companies began to stock them – from small independent retailers to the likes of QVC. "

    Matthew Syddall - Stands Out, UK

    "We produce high-quality point-of-sale stands for tourist attractions and retailers across the globe. Our Roland VersaCAMM VS540i allows us to tailor every stand to the customer's own needs, something that in the past would have been prohibitively expensive. We can also repurpose any stand within minutes which has had a significant ecological impact on our business."

    Alex Liggett - The Vinyl Guys, UK

    "Four years ago I bought equipment to make stickers for a race car I was building. I hadn't intended it to grow into a vehicle graphics business as I already had a busy full-time career, but now I have a Roland SG-540 printer/cutter, a 950sq/ft installation centre and bookings months ahead. My plan is to leave my full-time job and concentrate solely on my print business."

    Lucy Higgins - Indibike Graphics, UK

    "Being a total mountain bike enthusiast I created some custom stickers for my own bike and, upon posting photos of them on my own social media, I had a fast-incoming stream of enquiries. After three years of painstakingly die-cutting graphics I managed to obtain a Roland BN-20 and have gone from strength to strength ever since."
  6. Simon James - Elite Signs & Graphics Ltd, UK

    "We're a family business and our Roland printers are part of our family. Two generations of our family work together to deliver something even better than our customers ask for, at no additional cost. We're renowned for it. My father and uncle relied on Roland technology from day one to make that happen and we continue to do so today."
  7. Nicola Rubino - Gemanco Design, Italy

    "The special effects offered by VersaUV mean we can add white highlights, gloss and even textures to our interior design work - it's what I love most about using Roland technology. Having a partner in Roland DG means that we can count on continuous innovation, which is essential to nourish our creativity."
  8. Maisha logo

    Paula María Conejo - Maisha, Spain

    "I love the versatility and precision of our Roland cutting equipment. Roland systems never cease to amaze me with their exceptional results -they offer us speed, precision, quality and, most importantly, confidence. And, by travelling to see the newest Roland innovations, I met the love of my life."
  9. Max Model logo

    Massimo Marchi & Letizia Mattei - Max Model, Italy

    "The Roland VersaUV's ability to print UV gloss in layers to create textures means that we have succeeded in creating a product that we call 3D. It's a great detail that, combined with its versatility and reliability, has allowed us to become a leader in the modelling industry."
2018 Roland Hero

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