SRM-20 Compact Milling Machine Features

Produce More Prototypes with More Materials

The SRM-20 portable milling machine can mill a broad range of materials, including modeling wax, chemical wood, foam, acrylic, poly acetate, ABS and PC board. The following items are just some of the prototypes and applications made possible:

Product inventions
Wax moulds for casting
Tools and machinery
Relief plaques and graphics
Vehicle prototypes
Game and model parts
Art and design concepts
...and much more!

Milling Made Easy with a User-Friendly VPanel

The SRM-20’s VPanel controller provides a simple interface for adjusting tool position and moving the cursor to set the milling starting point. The VPanel also allows easy control of feed rate and spindle speed with pause and resume operation, plus tracking of X,Y,Z axis milling with a numeric readout in millimetres or inches.

Software Included for Ultimate Productivity

Available for download from Roland OnSupport, the following software offers user-friendly operation for all aspects of CNC milling on the SRM-20:

SRP Player
A user-friendly CAM software with advanced editing capabilities that lets users explore new milling capabilities as their skills progress. Supports popular CAD file formats like STL, DXF, Rhino 3D Model and IGES.
Modela Player 4
Modela Player 4
MODELA Player 4
Easy-to-use CAM software that processes STL files produced by popular CAD programs. Features include uniform 3D scaling, selection of milling direction, automatic tool path generation, and control of cutting depths and speeds from a predefined library or user-defined setting.
iModela Creator
iModela Creator
iModela Creator
Use drawing tools to sketch out ideas before milling shapes, holes, textures and patterns. Then simply load your cutting material into the mill, and the SRM-20 does the rest, recreating your design in precise detail.
Virtual MODELA
Virtual MODELA
Virtual MODELA
A powerful software tool that eliminates milling errors, simulates finished shapes and estimates production time.
Software to directly control surfacing, drilling holes, cutting pockets and other finishing processes on the SRM-20, all without accessing CAD or CAM software.
Convert any standard TrueType or Outline font into a ‘Stroke Font’ or single line font for engraving.

Independent Collet System for Efficient Milling

It’s no longer necessary to change spindles every time there’s a different end mill shank diameter. Now you can replace the collet chuck in order to match the shank diameter for fast setting of the Z-axis base point and for quick tool changes.

Fully Enclosed

The SRM-20 has a fully-enclosed cabinet that reduces dust and noise and features a side-window for easy progress viewing. It also features an intelligent safety interlock to that automatically pauses the machine when the cover is opened, permitting milling to resume upon closing the cover and selecting “continue”.

Smart & Rugged

The SRM-20 includes the very latest CNC milling features such as airtight sealing technology to prevent waste material from getting inside the spindle and Y-axis, making it resistant to the effects of milling debris and adding durability for long-term operation.

The Power of SRM-20 in Education

The SRM-20 is perfect for any classroom and offers students the chance to experience cutting-edge technology in preparation for careers in the design, technology and engineering industries. The SRM-20 empowers students to engineer and output intricate proof-of-concepts, parts and scale models, and has become an invaluable yet affordable option for STEM educators to put advanced prototyping technology in their classrooms.


The combination of monoFab SRM-20 milling and ARM-10 3D printing give you the perfect 3D prototyping solution. By combining the SRM-20’s subtractive milling of a wide range of materials with the ARM-10’s additive production of hollow and complex items, you can establish a comprehensive solution, from conceptualisation to validation.

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