DWX-4W wet dental mill

DWX-4W Wet Dental Mill Applications

The DWX-4W is designed for wet milling glass ceramics and composite resin materials. These new materials produce inlays, onlays and other restorations with flexural strength, translucency and a look and feel of natural teeth with similar abrasion properties. The DWX-4W offers 4-axis simultaneous milling of up to three different pin-type blocks of the following restoration materials:

DWX-4W materials


Glass Ceramics
Consistent flexural strength, optimised fit and excellent aesthetics

Composite Resin
Superior edge quality and chipping resistance

VITA Authorised System
VITA certifies the Roland DWX-4W for milling VITA ENAMIC®, VITABLOCS® Mark II and VITA SUPRINITY®

DWX-4W materials

Inlays and Onlays

Indirect inlays (intracoronal fillings) and onlays (cusp fillings) can be milled precisely and effectively with the DWX-4W’s 360-degree pin-rotation and 4-station automatic tool changer that can quickly switch to small-bur detailed cutting. This ensures a finely milled final product with increased realism and translucency.
DWX-4W milled crowns


For permanent crown restorations that completely cover a tooth or implant, the DWX-4W produces finely milled glass ceramics and composite resin prosthetics that closely replicate a tooth's actual look and feel.
DWX-4W milled crowns


The DWX-4W was designed for single tooth restorations and offers fine detailed milling using 4 different bur sizes. By creating a close match to the original tooth, more comfortable and pleasing results can be achieved for front-facing restorations such as veneers.