DWX-4 Dental Milling Machine


The DWX-4 milling machine has been developed in order to appeal to dental businesses looking to enter the world of digital dental production.

The rigid construction and variable spindle speed up to 30,000rpm makes it ideal for crowns and bridges in Zirconia, wax and PMMA, from both pin-type and standard blocks. Great results have also been achieved in certain resin nano ceramics, making it a perfect solution for same-day restorations.

With automatic tool sensing calibration, 4 axis simultaneous movement and 2 bay tool changer, the DWX-4 will create superb morphological detail from roughing to finishing without manual intervention.

As you would expect from Roland DG, the DWX-4 is not just capable, it is very smart. A negative ion generator significantly reduces static from material such as PMMA, making the operation clean and eliminating issues caused by the build-up of waste materials.

As with other models in the DWX series, the DWX-4 is an open system, which means you are not restricted to buying your materials or tools from one supplier. And, if you have a preference to drive it from a specific CAM program, the chances are the DWX-4 is fully supported.

Roland DG has partnered with Apsom Infotex Limited in India to deliver and support a complete matched digital solution, from scan to sinter.


  • Compact design, specifically engineered for dental prosthetic production
  • 4 axis simultaneous control
  • 2 bay automatic tool changer
  • Automatic tool sensing and calibration
  • Open architecture supports industry standard technology and materials
  • Accurate and consistent milling in Zirconia, wax and PMMA
  • Air blower and dust collection options
  • Negative ion generator for cleaner operation
  • Affordably priced crown and bridge production
  • One button operation with LED status indicator
  • USB connection
  • Operate up to 4 DWX-4 machines from one PC
  • Software Virtual Panel for tool management and settings
  • Includes a 1 year comprehensive RolandCare warranty

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