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NEW LD-80, LD-300 Laser Decorators

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Simply enter your personalised text, upload a graphic and with precision and ease, your unique designs are transferred onto leather1, polycarbonate, acrylic and other plastics. Easy to use and safe to operate, these Class 1 laser devices can heat transfer metallised foils onto gifts, promotional giveaways, merchandise and so much more. With our laser decorators, you’ll take objects from average to amazing in minutes.

Choose LD-80 for versatile product personalisation
Imprint area (max): 80mm (W) x 80mm (D)

Choose LD-300 for decorating larger items including leather
Imprint area (max):
for objects up to 50mm (H): 305mm (W) x 230mm (D),
for objects up to 216mm (H): 281mm (W) x 213mm (D)

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So Many Profitable Personalisation Opportunities

An industry-first in personalisation, the LD-80 and LD-300 Laser Decorators offer a unique opportunity for your brand, kiosk, gift shop, online store or personalisation business to create exciting new customised products with dazzling text and reflective graphics.


Metallised Foil

Inexpensive hot-foil stamp material is available in a range of colours and types and combines with the LD-80 or LD-300 for unique customisation results.

Imprint directly onto natural leather with the LD-300

With the LD-300 it’s possible to foil transfer onto soft plastics, paper and leather or to imprint directly onto natural leather1 for luxurious customised finishes. Create unique, high-precision effects, including detailed images, crisp text, intricate patterns and accurate logo reproduction.

Increased working area with the LD-300

The working area of LD-300 is 305mm x 230mm and can accommodate objects up to 50mm in thickness. Removing the bed, even larger items up to 216mm thick, such as handbags and product packaging, can be accommodated with an imprint area of (max) 281mm (W) x 213mm (D).
(Photo shown is with base table removed)

Foil Transfer on Soft Plastics with Precise Results

The LD-80 and the LD-300 use semi-conductor laser transfer technology to apply heat activated adhesive foil to a variety of heat-resistant and soft plastics including; acrylic, polycarbonate, polypropylene, polystyrene, and ABS2. The pinpoint accuracy of the semi-conductor laser paired with a high-quality transfer foil can create designs as small as a fraction of a millimetre!

Safe Operation

The laser used in the LD-80 and the LD-300 conforms to the safest “Class 1” standard*. When the cover opens the laser supply turns off so it can be used in a retail setting without any danger of exposure. In addition, our unique method of laser decoration creates no dust or gas. *IEC 60825-1.

Produce Unique Customised Products
in 4 Easy Steps

The DGSHAPE LD-80 and the LD-300 are both incredibly economic and easy to use, using an advanced digital process for foil transfer customisation. When compared to traditional hot-foil stamping methods and laser engraving technology, they are less complicated, cleaner and a safer personalisation option.

Step 1

Place your object in the machine.

Step 2

Add your chosen foil.

Step 3

Laser imprint your design via METAZAStudio Software.

Step 4

Your customised object is ready to sell.

Additional Features of the LD-80 and LD-300

Includes Easy-to-Use Software
You don’t need to be a graphics expert to design and output artwork in METAZAStudio Software.
Vector Graphics and Text
Import and edit a wide range of files in METAZAStudio and get detailed text and image results with the LD-80 and LD-300.
No Hunger for Power
Requires no special electrical set-up and works with standard wall sockets — does not need large amounts of heat or pressure.
Variable Data
Input your serial data, including numbers and names to produce items for multiple customers.
Air Volume A Laser Clean Machine
Runs safely and cleanly with no debris or gas leakage.

Powerful METAZAStudio Software Included

Both the LD-80 and the LD-300 can produce stunning graphics and crisp text using bundled METAZAStudio software. And you don’t need to be a graphics expert to design and output artwork as the software is easy to use.

Choosing the Right LD for your Business

Available in a choice of sizes and abilities to meet your laser decoration needs


286 (W) x 383 (D) x 308 (H) mm          

616 (W) x 591 (D) x 496 (H) mm

Imprint max area 80 (W) x 80 (D) mm
For objects up to 50mm (H): 305 (W) x 230 (D) mm
For objects up to 216mm (H): 281 (W) x 213 (D) mm
Recommended print area 50 (W) x 50 (D) mm For objects up to 50mm (H): 275 (W) x 196 (D) mm
For objects up to 216mm (H): 281 (W) x 213 (D) mm
Imprintable material4    
Acrylic  Yes  Yes
 Yes  Yes
 Yes  Yes
 Yes  Yes
 Yes  Yes
Polyurethane    Yes
PVC    Yes
Paper (Woodfree, Art paper, Coated paper)

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DGSHAPE by Roland Reliability and Support

The LD-80 Laser Decorator represents a new generation of technology from the DGSHAPE by Roland brand. It takes advantage of over 35 years of Roland DG experience in delivering cutting-edge digital devices with unrivaled dependability and exceptional service and support.