The Future Of Print & Cut Has Arrived

TrueVIS VG-540, VG-640 Wide-Format Inkjet Printer/Cutters

With the TrueVIS VG-640 and VG-540, the future of print and cut has arrived. New print heads that deliver beautiful prints more efficiently. New vibrant inks that offer a wide colour gamut and incredibly fast drying. New cutting technology that increases force and accuracy. New technology to communicate with your existing phones and tablets, and so much more.

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Distinguishing Features

New TrueVIS INK – available in 4-colour (CMYK), 7-colour (CMYKLcLmLk) or 7-colour plus White (CMYKLcLmLk+W) – delivers exceptional quality in cost-effective 500 cc pouches, with reusable holders


Four new print heads fire precision droplets in 3 sizes and a wide print pass, for high-quality output and efficient ink usage


New Bluetooth-enabled Roland DG Mobile Panel allows for operation of the VG from your smartphone or tablet

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Discover Roland DG's comprehensive new money-making guide for print & cut technology which is free to download and includes:

  • A full overview of the creative and profitable applications you can produce with a Roland DG integrated printer/cutter
  • Some of the exciting commercial opportunities offered by print & cut and the lucrative markets you could be targeting
  • Valuable insights into how other Roland users are building highly successful businesses with their print & cut devices.

Download our Get into Wide Format Guide

As a commercial printer, it’s a certainty that many of your existing customers already buy wide format digital print output. But where are they getting it from if not from you, and what other printing services are they being offered at the same time? If you’re a commercial printer looking for alternative revenue streams without heavy investment, look no further. Download your free indispensible guide today.