VersaSTUDIO BT-12 Accessories


Model Description
HB-12 Optional finisher to fix the ink

Cassette Tray

Model Description
CT-A4 Cassette Tray - A4 Size
CT-A5 Cassette Tray - A5 Size

Textile Pigment Ink

Model Description
TPG-CY Ink Cartridge Cyan, 100 cc
TPG-MG Ink Cartridge Magenta, 100 cc
TPG-YE Ink Cartridge Yellow, 100 cc
TPG-BK Ink Cartridge Black, 140 cc

Cleaning Cartridge

Model Description
BT-CC-CY Cleaning Cartridge Cyan, 42 cc
BT-CC-MG Cleaning Cartridge Magenta, 42 cc
BT-CC-YE Cleaning Cartridge Yellow, 42 cc
BT-CC-BK Cleaning Cartridge Black, 42 cc

Cleaning Tool

Model Description
BT-CT Cleaning Tool
BT-CL Cleaning Liquid
BT-CP Cleaning Pad
BT-CS Cleaning Stick
BT-IC Ink Collector Unit
BT-FF Fan Filter

BT-12 with HB-12 Optional Finisher