VersaUV S-Series Flatbed Features

Next Generation Vacuum

The S-Series flatbeds feature a multi-zone vacuum bed to optimise output*. The reverse vacuum function also makes it easy to load and position heavy and hard-to-handle substrates and objects. High precision mechanism ensures precise print alignment and consistent quality job after job.

Print on a wide range of materials and objects

One of the coolest UV flatbed printers on the market, the low-heat UV-LED lamps and advanced ECO-UV ink offer exceptional substrate compatibility. The robust aluminium build minimises vibration while the multi-zone vacuum bed holds media steady for stable printing. Print on virtually any material up to 200mm in height and 100kg/sqm in weight, including PVC and plastics, metal, glass, wood, canvas, board, leather, fabric and more*1.

Easy-to-use features for simplified set-up and safe, efficient production

VersaUV S-Series flatbed printers include a feature-packed RIP and automated workflow solution, simplifying production.

To help save time and money, and avoid errors, Media Presets enable up to 8 print and material settings for instant reuse on similar future jobs.

control panel

A separate, user-friendly control panel provides easy, flexible operation.

media sensor

An automated media sensor detects the surface height of a substrate for effortless printing of irregular shaped materials and objects of different sizes.

Safety perimeter sensor around base of device safeguards operators in the busiest of production environments.

Status lamp tower makes it easy to monitor production from a distance, indicating when set-up is complete, print is in progress or is completed.

Choice of 3 ink configurations

ECO-UV ink is highly durable for outdoor and indoor use, offering scratch and chemical resistance. ECO-UV and ECO-UVS ink lasts up to six months outdoors and with a Gloss finish*2, ECO-UV ink is outdoor-resistant for up to two years.

Packaged in ‘clean hands’ 220cc and 500cc cartridges*3, ECO-UV ink is safe after curing. Proper ventilation is recommended during production and the S-Series flatbed is ventilation-ready, featuring a ventilation hood for easy connection with an air filtration system.

For prints with spot varnish, POS displays, exhibition graphics and more. White ink produces rich, dense colour graphics on dark and transparent substrates. Gloss ink can be cured to produce matt and gloss finishes, to coat the whole image or for embossing and texture effects.

Ideal for applications which require high opacity white, this configuration achieves opacities up to 1.5 times faster than the single white configuration.

For dramatic effects with larger reliefs this configuration can build up three-dimensional textures twice as fast as the normal ink mode.

Efficient ink usage

The Automated Ink Circulation System prevents White and Gloss ink pigments from settling to reduce White and Gloss ink waste and ensure consistent density for exceptional image quality throughout even the longest production runs. 


ECO-UV ink is certified GREENGUARD Gold for safe indoor graphic applications in even the most sensitive locations such as schools and hospitals, due to its low chemical emissions.

Roland OnSupport for Remotely Managing Your Printer

The S-Series features Roland OnSupport, an online customer support system that allows users to remotely track the printer status. OnSupport sends e-mails to users notifying them when a job is starting, is completed or when ink is running low. Users can download firmware updates and important product information at an exclusive website in just one click.

Apsom Care Included

We design, build and care for your Roland.

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*1 Primer may be needed for certain applications.
*2 EUVS ink available in CMYKW
*3 EUV4 ink available in 500cc cartridges
Features may differ by model. Check technical specifications for further details.