TrueVIS Element Ink

TrueVIS Element Inks are the next evolution for Roland DG's range of eco-solvent ink technology. The economical range of CMYK ink meets user demands for competitively priced ink - with low consumption and excellent performance.

Designed exclusively to work with the TrueVIS SG Series, TrueVIS Element Ink delivers vibrant output with a high gloss finish and uniform solid colours at impressive production speeds. The TrueVIS SG Series features a brilliant ‘clean hands’ ink system designed to house the TrueVIS Elements Ink pouches which fit neatly into reusable holders for no mess and less waste.

The inks are available in 500cc pouches and available in:

  • Cyan, 500cc
  • Magenta, 500cc
  • Yellow, 500cc
  • Black, 500cc

CLICK HERE to find out more about the TrueVIS SG printer/cutter series.

  • 4 colour CMYK configuration
  • Designed for the TrueVIS SG series
  • 500cc pouches
  • 'Clean hands' ink system for no mess and less waste