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PersBiz is an online webshop made by Roland DG for Sign Makers and Print Service Providers.

You can start selling a wide range of printed outputs online, allowing customers to edit, customise and purchase them.
Easy to use, PersBiz perfectly integrates into your printing workflow, reducing operational costs and waste, and strengthening customer loyalty.

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Sell online and grow your business

The printing world is constantly evolving and, with customers are looking for faster turnaround, easier ordering, and more innovative print products, it can be a challenge to keep pace. 

Roland DG have developed PersBiz, the online shop designed to help sign makers and print businesses start selling online quickly and easily.

With PersBiz, you can launch your online store today and start reaping the profits of this lucrative online market. It's your key to expanded product lines, efficient workflows, enhanced customer experience and real business growth.

PersBiz, the gateway to your online business

PersBiz is a cloud-based online shop for Sign Makers and Print Service Providers. It’s an intuitive, easy-to-use web interface that enables you to sell a wider range of printed and personalised products to new and existing customers.

You don’t need any technical expertise, and Roland DG support is available to assist at every stage in the process, from implementation to rollout.

PersBiz lets you set up an online store tailored to your business in a smooth and easy process. Your customers can personalise and preview products in a sleek interface branded with your logos and messages, and seamlessly make payments in a secure checkout area. The Production Centre module lets you manage customer orders, process customer artwork and start printing the job within moments of receiving orders.

Benefits to your company

PersBiz makes the online sales experience easier, letting you build loyalty, drive revenue and explore new markets. Here are some of the additional benefits of PersBiz:

Stay protected with secure order management/p>

Extend your market and increase profits

Seamlessly integrate with your website

Reach your customers wherever they are

Provide a bigger range of custom products

Access your plaform anywhere with ease

PersBiz features

PersBiz has several features to make your online shop tailored around your business needs.

Customisable online shop-front

Full management of the end-to-end printing process

Payment modules and shipping methods easily configured

49 specific web shops available (Business eCommerce version)

Roland DG technical support provided

Mobile optimised



Fully editable product images – graphics and text

More than 1000 designs included

Two PersBiz packages available, PersBiz eCommerce and PersBiz Business eCommerce

Affordable monthly fee payments

Product links easily embedded into social media or web pages

Cloud based hosting included

A multitude of output options

As a Sign Makers and Print Service Providers, you determine what you want to sell from a variety of standard items such as signage, banners, light boxes, stickers, posters, outdoor graphics, t-shirts, mugs, coasters and many more.

You can add new items to expand your offerings or hiding those that don’t fit your business, resulting in a catalogue of ready-to-print products tailored to your capabilities and customers. You can also run special promotions on certain items for seasonal events, sales, end of stock or product launches.

Smooth order processing and delivery

PersBiz provides a compelling user experience and smooth purchase process for your customers and prospects, no matter where they are.

From the comfort of their office or even home, buyers choose from a unique selection of items to personalise and print – adding and editing graphics or text, selecting quantity and placing their orders. In just a few clicks, visitors are guided from selection to purchase.
You receive a print-ready file for your Roland DG device, schedule it into your workflow, and deliver the printed items.

What does this mean for your business? You sell more – with minimum investment!

Two web-to-print packages designed for your business and your customers

Your business is unique and the needs of your customers vary. While “one-size-fits-all” might work in fashion, we understand that personalisation also applies to the online experience – not just the products you sell. That’s why we developed two different PersBiz packages, PersBiz eCommerce and PersBiz Business eCommerce, available exclusively to Roland DG output device owners.

PersBiz eCommerce

PersBiz eCommerce is a complete web-to-print storefront that lets you sell online with ease. It’s completely customisable and includes more than 1,000 ready-to-go designs.

It features an easy-to-use design editor and online payment module, seamlessly integrated on a single platform to optimise the user experience and streamline workflows. You receive production-ready orders via your Production Center module, ready for output and delivery.

PersBiz Business eCommerce

PersBiz Business eCommerce is a more sophisticated package for Sign Makers and Print Service Providers that serve an array of clients with specific or unique needs. It includes all the features of the eCommerce version, plus the capability to manage customer-specific webshops.

For example, restaurants are typical repeat customers requiring a range specific items, like menus, customised aprons and t-shirts, tabletop tents and window signage. PersBiz Business eCommerce lets you create a secure webshop for this customer only. The restaurant can order what they need without being presented with dozens of items they have no use for.

Up to 49 of these specific online shops can be set up, making it possible to offer unique inventory through personalised catalogues specific to various small businesses, boutiques, gyms, restaurants, auto dealerships and more.

Customers can review and choose from tailored online product portfolios and add new items to order – regardless of how physically distant they are from your location.

Personalise your PersBiz

The PersBiz graphical interface can be used right away as it comes, but it can also be fully customised with your logo, graphics and messages to align with your real-world business offerings and brand. Your home page will show your product catalogue and visitors can select, personalise and click to buy the items they want.

Both PersBiz versions let you centrally manage your look and feel, order management, and the printing and delivery process for full control of your business and individual shops you service.

Monthly fee, measurable profits

We know how important it is to show return on investment when you expand your business. We’ve made it simple to add PersBiz to yours through an annual subscription model based on a set monthly fee. Your license includes 100 jobs per month, with additional jobs covered under a variable program.

This way you keep fixed costs low and pay as you grow, making it easy to measure how you’re performing. PersBiz offers unbeatable value – it’s the logical choice to create or upgrade your online printing business. Simply activate the license that’s right for you through myRoland portal, and you’re ready to go!

Get the PersBiz you want

Purchasing PersBiz through the myRoland platform is easy.

Ask your dealer for a coupon code, then register your details and your device onto myRoland. After the registration, you can access the PersBiz menu.

If you are already registered, go to the PersBiz menu, select the PersBiz package you want, purchase and activate your shop in minutes. Your confirmation and instructions will arrive via email.

Backed by trusted Roland DG support

With any new commercial venture, business and technical support at every step are critical elements for success.

That’s why there’s a talented support team behind the PersBiz online shop, staffed by experienced Roland DG technicians and advisors with deep industry backgrounds. Our team provides advice and tech help during every phase of implementation and deployment, making sure that you’re always open for business!

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We know it's important to have all the information at your fingertips when investing in new product, so whether you want to speak to a Roland expert, see a demonstration, or get hands-on with PersBiz, get in touch today.

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"It is the right time to bring the print businesses online, and we made PersBiz to do it."

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