VersaUV LEF-300 UV printer



Built to meet high-volume demands, the VersaUV LEF-300 UV-LED inkjet flatbed printer offers the flexibility of digital customisation and takes productivity to the next level. The LEF-300 prints directly onto a whole range of substrates and objects for the efficient customisation of branded merchandise, promotional items, signs, personalised awards, giftware, industrial goods, product prototypes and much more. The possibilities are virtually endless.

The LEF-300 direct prints onto almost any substrate, including:

  • PVC and plastics
  • Metal**
  • Glass**
  • Wood
  • Canvas
  • Board
  • Leather, fabric and more.

The LEF-300 also features a built-in vacuum table that holds objects in-place, ready for printing. Easily load objects to reduce set-up time and prevent errors by stopping objects from shifting during print set-up and operation.

Free upgrade to latest version of VersaWorks Dual now available for existing customers

We are offering users the opportunity to upgrade their existing devices to the latest version of VersaWorks Dual RIP, free of charge.

  • Large capacity print area of 770 mm wide by 330 mm long.
  • Dual UV-LED lamps and bi-directional printing optimise curing and print speeds
  • High-capacity 500cc ECO-UV ink cartridges for efficient production over extended print runs
  • On-board Primer ink option means it’s easier than ever to customise glass, plastics and other unique materials*
  • Vacuum table to secure items to the print bed for easy set-up and precision printing
  • Input/output port for external devices such as warning lights and automated jig replacement system
  • LED status signal lamp for easy monitoring of printer status in busy production environments
  • An intuitive distance print mode ensures outstanding consistency on regular, domed and curved objects
  • Up to 40 job presets to instantly allow the recall of specific media settings for your most popular applications
  • Height sensor bar made with non-magnetic material for printing on magnetic items such as tablet covers.
  • Includes VersaWorks Dual RIP software with variable data printing and 72 ready to use textures
  • Includes a one year on-site full parts and labour RolandCare silver warranty for ultimate peace of mind
  • Includes Roland OnSupport™ for unattended monitoring of the printer.

*Primer ink adhesion may vary depending on substrate and conditions. Testing ink adhesion prior to production is recommended.
**Primer may be needed for certain applications.
^When in CMYK+Gl+Wh ink configuration.
^^ECO-UV 4 ink available in 220cc and 500cc cartridges. White ink only available in 220cc cartridges.